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This crystal-clear vase with its engraving of authentic ancient Jewish coin motifs will make a unique and useful decoration for your home or for the home of someone you love, and a great conversation piece. Here follows a concise description of the original coins, starting clockwise from the top left FIRST REVOLT. 66 - 67 c.e. Weight: 14 grams. O: Chalice with pearled rim, the base is raised by projections on ends. Hebrew inscriptions and date, 'SHEKEL OF ISRAEL' and 'YEAR TWO’ FIRST REVOLT. YEAR TWO. SHEKEL: WEIGHT 14 grams. R. Stem with pearled bottom and three fruits, perhaps pomegranates, surrounded by nscription, “JERUSALEM THE HOLY.” BAR KOCHBA REVOLT. 132-135 c.e. DENARIUS, 2.85 grams R. Three stringed elongated lyre surrounded by inscription: 'FOR THE FREEDOM OF JERUSALEM' FIRST REVOLT. YEAR TWO. DENARIUS, 3.26 grams O: Seven branched palm tree bearing two branches of dates. Inscription below: “SHIMON” BAR KOCHBA revolt. 132 - 135 c.e. Diameter: 26.5 mm R: Vine leaf within inscription “FOR THE FREEDOM OF JERUSALEM” BAR KOCHBA revolt. 132 - 135 c.e. DENARIUS 2.85 grams Bunch of grapes and small branch; Inscription around lower half “SHIMON”

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